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Maurepas Foods – Bywater / New Orleans


There are 900+ restaurants in New Orleans; a city of less than 350,000 where culinary culture is not only sacred, but fiercely competitive. That being said, how do you set apart a new, unknown establishment in a city grossly oversaturated with endlessly reputable places to eat?  Therein lied the challenge when Chef Michael Doyle hired us to create the visual identity for his impending restaurant in the Bywater.

We are firm believers in turning negatives into positives and feel that situations remain bleak only as long as you allow them to. The perseverance & unwavering strength New Orlenians showed in the face of adversity post-Katrina led us to believe they subscribed to this same principal.  In the wake of recovery efforts, search & rescue units would spraypaint a large, black ‘X’ on the facade of destroyed homes with markings in each quadrant indicating the date, hazards found, bodycount, and the initials of the search squad. These ominous symbols remain dotted throughout the city; a constant reminder of the storm’s fury. So why not flip a somber mark on its’ head and create a newer, more positive meaning? Naturally we were worried how residents would take to outsiders drawing inspiration from such a caustic event in their city, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive and proves that without risk, there is no reward.


Services: Branding / Copy / Packaging / Print / Web
Chef/Proprietor: Michael Doyle
Location: Bywater / New Orleans
Website: www.MaurepasFoods.com



The branding [they’ve] come up with has become such an integral part of our business. It has piqued interest, been embraced by the community, and above all, made us stand out in the crowd.
Michael Doyle – Chef/Owner, Maurepas Foods

Runtime by Cassettes Won’t Listen


When Daylight Curfew approached us to helm a music video for Cassettes Won’t Listen, we were immediately enticed by the idea of working with an up-and-coming musician on a promising new collective. Once  granted full creative control with freedom to explore whatever ideas desired, it was a no-brainer. The challenge quickly became trying to pull off one of our lofty ideas within a very limited budget. The buzzing electro-synth inspired us to come up with the idea of using inexpensive bug zappers, which served double-duty as both the perfect aesthetic theme and ideal solution to the financial constraints.


Artist: Cassettes Won’t Listen
Song: Runtime
Album: Evin Spacey
Label: Daylight Curfew
Written / Directed / Edited by Michael Bernard McKeon
Cinematography / VFX by Silky Black Gold
Starring Vedette Lim of HBO’s True Blood



His workflow is professional, his ideas are ultra-creative and he was able to turn our shoestring budget into a top quality music video. We couldn’t be happier with the final product.
Jason Drake – Owner, Daylight Curfew

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So, what’s with the cinder block?

Put simply, it sums up our design philosophy. Behind the most impressive architecture; the most cutting-edge stadiums; and tallest, most daring skyscrapers you’ll find a simple mix of gravel, sand, & water in the form of an
8” x 8” x 16” cuboid of poured concrete. Nothing fancy, but an integral piece of the puzzle upon which the utmost reliability is placed. To us, all design, stories, and brand developments need that same requisite foundation. In an age where bells & whistles often mask poor design, ideas, or storytelling, we’re firm believers in stripping things down to the bare essentials and adding only the most imperative components in organic fashion.


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